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Our 40+ years of service providing visual graphic products is a key indicator of how we have established a well known presence and built a reputation for being the people to talk to when you have a graphic problem you need solved.

We are a growing company located in central Saskatchewan in the beautiful city of Humboldt. Humboldt is a great place to live, work and play. We are happy to be in the center of it all. Mining, agriculture and agricultural manufacturing are all key industries in our area, and we are fortunate to be a supplier of signs, decals, paper products and promotional items to several of Saskatchewan’s largest private and publicly held corporations. We cater to everyone's needs and every project is unique with dozens of variables. Our professionally experienced staff works diligently to ensure everything goes according to specifications. You will be dealing with a professional team who has your best interests in mind.

Our staff here is very friendly and has the authority to do whatever it takes to "make it right". When you call our office in Humboldt, you will be connected to one of our experienced and helpful staff members who would be happy to assist you.






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Colleen Lessmeister has owned and operated Graphic Ad since 2004. After being in the design industry for many years, Colleen decided it would be a new and exciting opportunity to run a business in an industry she had grown to love. She is our top customer service rep, providing suggestions and ideas to numerous clients throughout the community and province. She believes that there is always room for improvement in all aspects of the business and works diligently to make sure that the clients needs are always met.

Kate Sokolan is a talented young designer who graduated with honors from SIAST Wascana Campus with a diploma in Graphic Design. Kate is our leading graphic artist here at Graphic Ad. She specializes in personal and business print media such as logo designs, posters, banners, business cards, invitations and stationary products. Aside from  print media, Kate also help create this website. Much of her work can be seen in businesses around town, at local events and tradeshows. If you are looking for a fresh modern look or want to "jazz" up an old design, Kate's new ideas are just for you!

Elsa Fyck is our Art Director at Graphic Ad. Elsa prepares media files for production which involves quoting projects, designing the artwork, and printing the media. She makes sure that every detail of every project is exactly what the customer intended it to look like. Nothing is more rewarding then to see the finished product and a happy customer. Elsa has been in the design industry for many changes, starting with just a paint brush and a steady hand to computers and digital printers. Needless to say, she has seen and done it all when it comes to graphic design. So if your looking for someone with the knowledge and creativity to help you design a new sign or banner Elsa is the experienced professional to help you do it!

Corie Hetzel is head of operations here at Graphic Ad. She has been in the printing business for many years, having gained alot of knowledge in print media. She can be seen around the office answering phones, taking orders, organizing files and conversing with customers. Corie provides clients with price quotes and helps them decide on promotional items and print jobs for their business or personal use. So if your unsure as to what you want, Corie will do her best to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Shirley Armstrong is part of our production team at Graphic Ad. When jobs are ready to be produced, Shirley will construct and assemble the design to create the finished product that YOU SEE. Not only does she create the finished media but Shirley also does installations, applications and deliveries. When you simply have no time to pick up your product or you would like a specialist to apply your new design let us know and we will send you our best! Shirley is always open to new challenges and is not afraid to get a little dirt on her hands.

Lyle Fraess works in our production department at Graphic Ad. Lyle handles the construction and assembly part of the design process. He insures that all the “pieces of the puzzle” are put together correctly. Among being an expert in sign fabricating, Lyle also specializes in screen printing. So if you are looking to get a t-shirt done then Lyle is your guy to do it! He has an eye to see things artistically and is able to visualize what the final product will look like before he even has it finished. Lyle is very meticulous about his work and never leaves a job half done.

Niki Sokolan is the newest member to our team here at Graphic Ad. She operates our large print media equipment and assists our production line in preparing projects. She also converses with our virtual friends and clients by posting unique and creative ideas on our social networks. She keeps you up to date with interesting posts, community events and in-store promotions. While most prefer the graphical side of our profession, Niki enjoys the technical side. Dealing with different media and knowing how that media is going to react with certain variables and conditions is a huge part of the design process. Aside from print media, Niki also designed and created our website.




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